Reality Check

It is when your daily routine take a drastic turn and you find yourself confused about the future and what it holds. My reality check was when my football career was over, reflecting back at my time spent with the sport I love, I realized there were some stones left unturned and bad as it sound I didn’t leave “it all on the field”. Theres times I think back about the things I could have done different and it truly is the small details that matter. It is the extra sprints to the ball after the play, or the extra hours spent on watching game film, slacking in nutrition and taking days off as if it was okay to wait till the next day that will make a difference. You never really appreciate the grind during the actual process, until it has all passed and you look back at it. That is why my goal with this page is to inspire and help people not fall into the the temptations of a normal person, but to stay on your grind and help you (the reader) to reach your next level, wether it is in Football, School, nutrition, or in your every day life.

B.I.G Mark